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The Thoughts for August 2014

Here, you can browse my erratically updated blog. For the most part, this has become the base for postings about new episodes of the Library Police podcast, but every so often I do a post about something else that's on my mind. If you're really interested in knowing my thoughts about the world, I recommend checking out my Twitter page, to which I post far more frequently. (You can see the latest posts below.)

I do keep all of my older thoughts pages archived onto the site in case you're truly bored. If you'd like to browse the archives, click here.

August 27, 2014: A Quick Housekeeping Note...

For a long time now, I've done blog posts for each new episode of The Library Police, the podcast that I co-host about books and writing. But in reviewing the traffic for the website lately, one thing I've started to notice is that no one seems to really use those posts to listen to the new episodes. The archive page gets a lot of traffic as people listen to old episodes, but people tend to either subscribe to the show or listen to it through our main webpage,

So, I'm going to continue to post each new episode up on the archival page, which you can read over here. But if you'd like to get notified when new episodes come up, where are you supposed to go? Well, you can...

So, you have plenty of options at your disposal - and, of course, you can always glance over at the archives page here too. I just won't be doing individual posts...but I don't think anyone will mind too much.




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August 27, 2014