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The House Remodeling

Over the last few weeks, Maria and I (mostly Maria) have been doing quite a bit of work in an effort to re-do some of the less appealing aspects of our house. This gallery will probably grow with time, but this is what we have so far.

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This is the new look for our hallway. Gone is the ugly stenciled pattern we used to have; in its place
is some tear-and-stick wallpaper, which is ridiculously easy to use (just tear, dip in water, and stick
on the wall), and creates a very nice pattern in its place. Very nice, very easy, and very quick.
The new color for the dining room and kitchen. The whitewashing over the paint really did the
trick in transforming the color from "Kermit exploded in our house" to "Tuscan vineyard." It
was strange at first, but it's really grown on me the more I look at it.
The only picture I bothered taking of our new tiling; it's not that exciting. Still nice, though. The living room, complete with new couches and slate tables. It's a
cool, very comfortable set of furniture, and I have to say that, as
much as I love my old couch, this adds a lot of space to the room.
The garage, completely made over. The wall in the last picture was built to create a new utility room, which I'll have pictures of when it's cleaned out. Otherwise, notice the new carpet, and old couch being placed out there. Really nice new room, and soon it'll be my little theater/gaming room. Sweet.
Latest modifications to the garage. Books have been shelved. Lamps have been added.
Pachinko machines have been set up. Posters have been framed and hung.
A desk has been built. A computer has been brought.
Passive voice has been used to great effect. (Correct them to active for bonus points!)


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October 3, 2009