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Aidan's Third Birthday Party

With Lily's birth drawing ever closer, and a ridiculously awful week, Maria and I worried that Aidan's party would be full of problems. Somehow, everything came together, and the day ended up being a lot of fun - especially for the birthday boy himself.

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The excitement
slowly mounts.
Three parents. Three different sets of grandparents.
One spoiled son.
In which Aidan proves it's
hard to sneak up on him.
Cassie performs for
her adoring fans.
Dillon steals some time
alone with the train table.
Without context, this looks
like the saddest party ever.
Dad instructs the children
in the ways of pachinko.
I'm sure this is my dad playing
with Cassie, but it totally looks
like he's about to fight her.
However, it seems as though
they've buried the bad blood.
Even though they're married,
Laurie's parents still worry
about Scott's intentions.
Cassie's orchestral performance reaches its third movement. By
now, she is so exhausted that my father has to help her play.
Mitchell and Scott discuss
the world of gaming.
"Mozart? PAH! What a hack." The feast of the little
people. Rarely glimpsed
by Western eyes.
The first of many dinosaur
presents. This is not a bad thing.
Safari jungle. After all, dinosaurs
have to live somewhere.
Sometimes I wonder
why we even buy stuff.
Paper seems fine.
In which Aidan is given board games, and in which Josh looks
into a future of playing Memory and finds he's okay with it.
Aidan opens a card and
brings out the guns.
Destruction of a present: frame by frame.
Dillon angles in for a better look. Yes, even dinosaur clothes
are awesome to Aidan.
"Yes, mom, I see the card. Yet
I see no toys inside..."
More cards,
more waiting for toys.
At last Aidan can fix
things he breaks while fixing.
A rare glimpse of the
Marshall-saurus, seen
here stalking birthday cake.
Packaging: a tool of the devil,
or Satan incarnate? You decide.
A crowd gathers to watch
the spectacle. Josh decides
it's time to say nicer words.
"Sure, I could be listening to
mom. But there's a camera!"
Aidan's birthday cake -
dinosaur themed (shock).
Just a cool picture of the cake. Aidan vs. the candles. Two
will enter. One will leave.
Marshall debates how much
he could eat before Maria
gets to him.
Dillon considers that Marshall
had the right idea.
Even when about to pop, how
could Maria not oversee things?
Oh, she knows she's cute -
don't worry about that.
Aidan, Sierra, and Savanna
all wreak dinosaur havoc.
Maria's grandfather, ever the
animal person, investigates
a baby dinosaur.
This is my new niece, Cassie, hamming it up like there's no tomorrow.
But does it ever work for her or what?
Cake! Delicious cake! Adam and Cassie discuss
the Braves and what they need
to do in the draft next year.
Aidan and his new pet
Tyrannosaur debate who at
the party would taste the best.
After the party, Aidan and Mommy do some letter fishing together.


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October 4, 2009