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Winter 2008-2009

Upon taking some pictures of Aidan's first horse ride (seen below), I realized that I hadn't emptied the camera in a while. Say, three months. So, rather than make a bunch of galleries, I'm taking the lazy route and making one big gallery for pictures from the past winter. Christmas, computer games, super heroes, cookies, horses,'s all here. And better than you can imagine.

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From Aidan's tenure as Super
Bear. You laugh, but you
know you're jealous of my
pimpin' cape.
"...they'll look up and say 'Save
us'. And I'll whisper, 'No'."
Hard at work grading
my papers for me. What? I
sure don't want to read them.
Alex and Aidan helping Memaw make Christmas cookies. Well,
mainly decorate. Their recipe involved way too many rocks.
Seriously, this isn't even a
of what they made.
Aidan attempts to hijack a car from the Children's Discovery
museum in Chattanooga, but is undone by The Club. Or maybe
the fact that it's not real. Whatever.
No comment. That face is
hilarious enough.
I wish I still had awesome
slides to go down.
At first, Aidan thought he could
camouflage the lamb so no
one would ever find it...
...but after seeing Goodfellas,
Aidan finally knew what to do
with the lamb after its "accident".
Nana makes an effort to help Aidan, Mr. Renaissance
Man, with both his hardware and cooking.
The Diego Rescue Center was from Santa, and between new Diego
figures and the copter, there was a lot of rescuing this morning.
Apparently Aidan was a fan of
the Lego cow from Ryan/Alison.
When you get a set of Matchbox cars, these demand
pretty immediate exploration. Especially helicopters.
Paper's not even off, and the
reading begins. NERD!
In which Aidan puts his whole body into the unwrapping process,
and discovers an airport. Airport with ramps and sirens? Big fun for
Aidan. Nearly a hundred damn stickers? Not so much for Daddy.
Moving on up to the big boy
bed, and it's exhausting. Plus,
he's tired from all that pimpin'.
It's not enough that he's
working out and I'm slacking;
he's even stolen my shoes!
After oh so many false starts and scares, Aidan finally
agrees to ride a horse. Well, a fat little pony. (Pony's
name is Marybelle, and she belongs to cousin Alex.)
This text will be replaced
This picture is awesome if you
crank up "The Ecstasy of Gold"
along with it. But what isn't?
Some things work better in motion. Above is a compilation
of the first horse ride, complete with some commentary by Aidan.
If you want a downloadable copy, here's a WMV file.


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October 3, 2009