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Hemingway's House

While in Key West, we stopped by Ernest Hemingway's house. Pretty neat stuff, with a very interesting tour guide, as well as lots and lots and LOTS of cats (about 60-something, if I recall right).

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Hemingway's house (duh). The cat infirmary.
It's hard to tell, but the gray
blob in the left is a cat, sleeping
on the Nativity. I thought it was
just too awesome to miss.
The cat cemetary out back. Only the notable cats get buried
here, but there's still a lot of them. A lot of cool names, too--
"Truman Capote", "Errol Flynn", and so on.
A lot of work goes into this.
A pool built by Hemingway's wife (one of them). He got so mad that
he said "Why don't you spend my last cent?" and threw a penny in
the cement. It stuck. That's it on the right--Hemingway's last cent.


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