This is the end...

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Well, this is it. After nearly 11 years, is shutting down.

I first started this site when I was working at New Horizons, a technology training center where I'd been hired on as a teacher. When I started there, I thought I was pretty tech-savvy, but the more I learned, the more I realized I really didn't know. And when I got put onto design work - PhotoShop and web design - I knew I was out of my league. So I started designing this site, and having some fun with it. Mainly, I enjoyed keeping up with the movies I was watching and the books I was reading, to say nothing of occasionally writing and posting pictures of my new girlfriend, Maria.

Now, 11 years later, this site looks pretty shabby. Most of what I started it for is handled better by other sites. Pictures, for instance, are best posted on Facebook, where I at least theoretically can control who sees them. I've quit blogging almost entirely, preferring to post my thoughts on Twitter. And while there's something satisfying about still maintaining my site myself (using DreamWeaver, and an old version at that), it's hard to deny that I'd gain more from a fancier site with comments, automatic RSS say nothing of easier and faster design tools.

So, starting pretty much...well, now...I'm going to be posting my book and movie reviews over on my new WordPress site. Everything else on the site is pretty much already taken down; the pictures are offline, the podcast archives available online or at, and so forth. As for the book and movie reviews, they're going to stay around, but it'll be moved off of this domain; in the next few days, I'll have a Google site set up to host them, and there'll be a link posted on the new blog.

As for this place? My goal is to have it offline before the end of the year - maybe sooner.

Thanks for all those who've enjoyed the place or looked at it over the years, and I hope you make your way over to the new place. Hey, drop me a comment over there or something - let me know you're reading!

See you at the new place...